Votch is a vegan leather watch brand that we developed from concept to launch with founder Laura Way. As a cruelty free brand, the watches are made with vegan leather straps. This means that no animal leather is used. We worked together to create the brand identity and develop the watch designs. Followed by the creation of an commerce lead website and the creative direction for photography and social campaigns. Most recently, we have provided social media content for promotions as well as email marketing support. We have built a relationship together that has initiated a strong momentum for the growth of Votch.

Being a part of the extended Votch team from day one has meant we believe in the brand’s values. And take complete pride in what we create together. To give back, Votch partners with different charities throughout the year to donate a percentage of the profits from each watch sold.


The aesthetic is a contemporary brand that breaks away from the typical vegan associations. A style focused approach with a unisex appeal. Proving its popularity recently, Votch received a Peta Menswear Fashion Award. With frequent coverage across various publications and blogs, the brand is supported by many digital influencers. Votch is now stocked in independent retailers in London, Belgium, Munich and Toronto.

Working with Recur has been absolutely fantastic, from the start of my new business they have helped me to create a brand that has such a strong visual identity that has helped me gain global recognition for my product. Without Recur I would not have been able to grow my business so quickly, from the logo and branding, to the super slick and easy to use website. Votch is forever getting compliments and it has quickly become a brand my customers love, this would not have been possible without Recur’s forward thinking, and understanding of my needs. I look forward to growing Votch together.

Laura Way, Founder