Humanitas believes that everyone is entitled to health care, an education and a family. They strive to provide these key rights across the globe. Humanitas provides long-term, professional support to individuals in areas of devastating poverty around the world. The brief was to update the branding of Humanitas and consolidate various microsites for the different areas and events into one website. After reviewing the existing online presence and the new positioning and requirements. We worked to create brand update and new website that best represents the organisation and the work they do.

We developed and launched Shop for Humanity. A innovative new way of giving where you choose exactly how Humanitas uses your donation. By buying items that are sent to individuals in need around the world. You decide how you want to help improve lives. From a winter coat for an orphaned child in Romania, to books for schools in Ghana or medical support for refugees. An online shop where what you add to your cart is purchased and given out on behalf of the charity.

Trips for Humanity are volunteer experiences like no other. An opportunity for individuals, families and groups to travel to make a real difference. Operating in three key areas; Safe homes in Romania, education projects in Ghana and crisis response across Europe for refugees.

The new icon set has taken queues from the round shapes of the brand logo to create a new series of graphic devices. These icons are used as part of their logo for the different events, fundraisers and other areas of the charity. Such as Trips for Humanity, Shop for Humanity, Humanitas Events, Humanitas Shop and Humanitas Music.


This results are a fresh take on the Humanitas brand, giving it a more modern art direction. While still maintaining the recognisable signifiers that had been already established and publicly associated with the charity. A more mature aesthetic whilst continuing to have a friendly and approachable tone of voice overall. The digital art direction gives hierarchy to photography and use of block brand colour. Since launch, the website along with campaign posters, brochures and social boost have received fantastic feedback and have consolidated the brand’s visual communication.

We love working with Recur Studio and we were thrilled with our new websites and branding. The whole process was enjoyable, professional and extremely easy for us as Recur studio understood and produced exactly what we needed, wanted and more. It is pleasure to work with a company that ensure constant quality and creative genius. Recur Studio took the time to completely understand our organisation, audience and ethos whilst becoming part of our team. We continue to work with Recur studio with all our design needs and they constantly provide us with design work which always beats our expectations.

Sarah Wade
CEO & Co-Founder